Andean Wings Cusco Hotel

Andean Wings Cusco Hotel
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Andean Wings Hotel Story

The Andean Wings Hotel it's an old house, that has more than 350 years. There are building one of the most popular solar spanish colonization in the ages XVI, belonged to Pedro López de Cazalla, whiched owned the neightborign solar, know as "The house of six pumas".

Years later, in the ages XVII, family Salas ad Valdez, became the principal owners of the home. After the 1950 quake,the house had some damages to its infraestructure, which was remodeled by the new owners.

Hotel Andean Wings Location

The Hotel Andean Wings is located in the historical center, jus t two blocks from the Cusco's main square, in the street Siete Cuartones, thats form a corner with the old street "Del teatro de la Comedia" also called Santa Teresa

2015 Rates
Rooms US$ Price
Simple Standard 310.00
Marriage Standard 310.00
Double Twin Standard 310.00
Marriage Superior 355.00
Triple room 380.00
Mini Suite 454.00
Suite junior 505.00
Master Suite 545.00
Senior Suite 653.00
Presidential Suite 760.00


  • Rates do not include the payment of VAT to 18% of Peruvians and foreigners living in Peru.
  • Rates not ncludes 10% of services

Hotel Andean Wings Rooms

Hotel Andean WingsHotel Andean Wings has 16 rooms with own style, with feature cable LCD TV, Minibar, WIFI connection, security box. Breakfast is included.

1.- Purple Haze room suite

It is the only room that has two floors, the design is totally modern and symmetrical. The chairs are silver and on the wall a series of portraits. On the second floor we find a beautiful jacuzzi and a king bed, the lighting at night is beautiful

2.- Triple Inti

It is the only room that combines the old with the new. Ideal for sharing with best friends. The walls combined with Hotel Andean Wings a colonial sun in gold give a unique glow. Hardwood floors and a touch bedspreads picturesque.

3.- Illary Suites

It is characterized by a beautiful light, which was inspired by the colonial era. The colors are soft, cream color predominates complete with a flower bath in modern Jacuzzi. This bedroom is characterized by its cozy elegance.

Hotel Andean Wings  Hotel Andean Wings

Instructions to send the warranty payment

Send your payment by:

1.- Send your payment by Banking Transference

It can be done at any bank, make the deposit with the following information:

  • Bank: Banco de Credito del Peru
  • Account number in dollars: 285-1730678-1-91
  • Name: Machupicchu E.I.R.L.
  • The deposit must be sent under the name of Machupicchu E.I.R.L. (you can print this page).

Afterwards send us a mail with the following information :

  1. Date and hour of the Payment
  2. Operation and transaction numbers.
  3. Displayed name (it should be Machupicchu E.I.R.L. )
  4. Sent total amount
  5. Name of the bank where the transaction was done.

We will send a mail confirming the transaction and we will re-confirm your reserve as well.

2.- Send your payment by Money Bookers With your Credit Card.

You should go to the web page, register, valid your e-mail, and discharged your money at your account and send the money at the e-mail:

Click here and follow these steps to realize your payment

We send an e-mail confirm the transference and re-confirm your reserves.

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Central Office

+51-84-243360 or +51-84-264242 or +51-84-223010

MOVIL: +51-984654111 RPM: #689011
MOVIL: +51-984630919 RPM: #687070
MOVIL: +51-984674477 RPM: #686464

Web page: Perú Hotels

Requirements to book the hotel

  • Departure Date
  • Full names
  • Nationality
  • Passport number
  • Date of birth
  • Specify the type of accommodation (Single, Double, Double Triple).
  • Specify the category of site (2, 3, 4 or 5 stars).
  • Phone number to contact
  • Payment of 50% as warranty. Complete information of a valid credit card.
  • The prices are in promotion to be paid cash, any payment with credit card will have a charge of 8% to the whole price of the choosen tour.

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