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Inti Punku Hotel
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Welcome to Machu Picchu, cultural patrimony of the humankind, the cradle of Inca civilization and modern wonder of humankind. In this majestic sanctuary, where you can be in direct contact with nature and admire the work of our ancestors, our hotels offer the "INTI PUNKU HOTEL". Our excellent location means that we are located a few meters from the center of the movement in Machupicchu.


Inti Punku hotel is located in machupichu Town, 110 km from the city of Cusco (Transportation from this city, only by train) We are located a few meters from the train station.


Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary is located from 2400 meters. at 25 minutes (by bus) from the village of Machupicchu - town (2040 masl.) This place has a sub tropical climate, stressing the rainy season (November to May).


  • Restaurant - Bar
  • Breakfast Buffet.
  • Rooms Intipunku Hotel

  • Phone / FAX
  • Safe.
  • Heating.
  • Laundry.
  • Transfer and Custody of Property.
  • Currency Change (Dollars and Euro)
  • Room service.

By coming to Peru you must have in mind some advice detail here:

The extra expenses out of our tours, they would be feeding tourist lunches and dinners range from $ 3 more and a variety of

Rooms IntiPunku Hotel

foods, a Coke or bottled water staff is $ 0.30, a small beer in a pub or restaurant is $ 1.60, must pay domestic airport taxes $ 6.00 per trip, to leave Peru U.S. $ 36.00 and $ 0.30 in Bus Station. nternational phone calls in the parlors is $ 0.30 per minute, to call a good deal to buy handicrafts, because if not regret.

About climates, there are varied in Peru like coast, mountains and jungle:

Dry in Cusco and Puno whit a burning sun and cold night, semi dry in Arequipa, wed in Machupicchu, Lima, Nazca, Paracas winds, semi humid in the Sacred Valley with hot and cold at night, so need to bring clothing of all kinds.

Rooms IntiPunku Hotel

About migration to Peru to enter Peru some countries need: The countries of the CAN (Andean Community of Nations) and Chile only need their ID - the countries that need "Tourist Visa" are Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras and Guatemala. Other countries in the world except North Korea only need a passport. On currencies, the currency of Peru is the sol S /. , It is advisable to come bring their money in dollars the currency change pay 3.15 dollars per each one, and euro approximately 4.00 soles. This coins are widely used in Peru, do not recommend using other currencies as these lose enough value in exchange for paying very little, come to Peru with dollars, here and change dollars into soles our agents will instruct them places where changing cities.

2015 Rates
Room US$ Price
Single Standard 140.00
Double Standard 140.00
Marriage Standard 140.00
Triple Standard 180.00
Aditional Bed Standard 40.00
Superior Single or Double 160.00
Additional bed Superior 50.00


  • Rates do not include the payment of VAT to 18% of Peruvians and foreigners living in Peru.
  • Rates do not include 10% of services

Requirements to book the hotel

  • Departure Date
  • Full names
  • Nationality
  • Passport number
  • Date of birth
  • Specify the type of accommodation (Single, Double, Double Triple).
  • Specify the category of site (2, 3, 4 or 5 stars).
  • Phone number to contact
  • Payment of 50% as warranty. Complete information of a valid credit card.
  • The prices are in promotion to be paid cash, any payment with credit card will have a charge of 8% to the whole price of the choosen tour.

Instructions to send the warranty payment

Send your payment by:

1.- Send your payment by Banking Transference

It can be done at any bank, make the deposit with the following information:

  • Bank: Banco de Credito del Peru
  • Account number in dollars: 285-1730678-1-91
  • Name: Machupicchu E.I.R.L.
  • The deposit must be sent under the name of Machupicchu E.I.R.L. (you can print this page).

Afterwards send us a mail with the following information :

  1. Date and hour of the Payment
  2. Operation and transaction numbers.
  3. Displayed name (it should be Machupicchu E.I.R.L. )
  4. Sent total amount
  5. Name of the bank where the transaction was done.

We will send a mail confirming the transaction and we will re-confirm your reserve as well.

2.- Send your payment by Money Bookers With your Credit Card.

You should go to the web page, register, valid your e-mail, and discharged your money at your account and send the money at the e-mail:

Click here and follow these steps to realize your payment

We send an e-mail confirm the transference and re-confirm your reserves.

Book your hotel or ask for help

Central Office

+51-84-243360 or +51-84-264242 or +51-84-223010

MOVIL: +51-984654111 RPM: #689011
MOVIL: +51-984630919 RPM: #687070
MOVIL: +51-984674477 RPM: #686464

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